Caryn Azoff

Caryn Azoff is originally from Los Angeles, California, and her family made the move east where she was raised in Connecticut. Caryn currently resides in New Haven where she maintains both a home studio and is part of the West River Artists Studios in Westville, CT. She received her BA and MS from Central Connecticut State University. Caryn has exhibited in New England and New York City.

Artist Statement: 

I approach my work through a methodical act of making. Working daily on sketching with pencil, watercolor, or gouache. Finding marks, colors, and shapes that resonate on the page. Almost a meditative act of creating, turning the page, creating, turning the page. Changing the shape and composition of the page through color and form. Using color to find the volume of a form.

I find that it is the process that drives me. Preparing the paper, creating the grid, and putting down the first layer of color seems to be directing the conversation in ways that I did not anticipate. I am enamored with this dialogue with paper and pencil. It is what brings me to the studio each day; an almost obsessive desire to create, and make the matrix from which the drawing originates and takes form.

Associations and memories of color, shape, and form.

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