Jaclyn Jaconetta

Jaclyn Jaconetta is an artist who lives and works out of Providence, RI. She recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2015 with a BFA in Sculpture. Her commitment to critical inquiry, object making and a feminist politics informs her studio practice. Her achievements include being a four year recipient of the RISD Scholarship Award for Academic Excellence, as well as being a nominee for the International Sculpture Center’s 2015 Outstanding Student Achievement in Contemporary Sculpture Award.

Artist Statement: 

My work involves the mimicry of everyday objects (for instance, a nail, underwear, or a curtain). The sculptures take ubiquitous objects as a point of departure, allowing for alterations that partially compromise the familiarity of the originally referenced form. This digestion of banal, often domestic objects takes place through material transformations or through reducing forms to the most basic criteria for recognizability. In this way, the objects I make can be seen as icons, caricatures, or amputations of familiar forms. This allows myself the room to exaggerate qualities that are latently present in the originally referenced object, which are often bodily or erotic in nature.

My attraction to objects of the domestic sphere evolved out of a concern for the ways in which gender is made intelligible and enforced in domestic spaces. Working with objects that make frequent contact with the body or imbuing objects with bodily qualities affords me the space to consider the relationship between the production means of objects and the production means of gendered bodies. This line of inquiry results in a carefully negotiated integration of industrial materials and meticulously hand-crafted objects. My hope is that when these objects are staged in concert with one another they form set-ups at once familiar and implacable, caricatures without identifiable reference.

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