Jeremy Pinc

Jeremy “Guzzo” Pinc was born in Chicago, 1972. He grew up in the suburb of Oak Park, Illinois before attending The University of Richmond 1990-1994. Following graduation with an Art History degree he traveled extensively, living in Italy, Montana and various parts of the Midwest. He began painting around 1995, and his style has changed frequently during his career but there are consistent references to Modernism, Graffiti, Comics and Graphic Design throughout his work. More recently he has begun to incorporate the languages of Art Brut and Outsider Art. Jeremy now lives with his wife in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin.

Artist Statement: 

When I paint I undergo a process. I learn and am transformed as each canvas develops. The difference between the work and myself is blurred. I know when they are done. It is when all the fakeness is gone and there is no distance between us. Realism does not appeal to me, my paintings only feel true when they are beyond Realism. I like imagery compressed in the same way words are compressed in parables. The stories in my work are fragmented and are linked only by my experiences, but I curate my experiences and compare them to the pillars of history. I believe all paintings are representational, but I use symbols, design, and the images of my eyes and mind interchangeably. I seek to make statements with my work and sometimes decorations. Sometimes both.

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