Max Cozzi

Artist Statement: 

I am an artist from Wisconsin who uses photography to explore my awareness and understanding of my own individual place in the world. Whether born out of emotive reactions to my immediate surroundings or from my intimate past, my work is always rooted in personal experience.

Open Sky is a short series of photographs and text that loosely explore my relationship with my father’s death. I choose to approach this event through the narrative of a duck’s death. The photographs depict small facets of a story in which I watch a duck get struck by a car while wandering my old neighborhood. I draw a correlation between the duck and my father’s death by alluding to my personal history with interior images of my childhood home. Throughout the work, the concept of life’s continual turnover is addressed by referencing changing seasons and replaced memories. As a photographic series, Open Sky both honors my father’s life and explores my relationship with mortality.

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Arts + Literature Laboratory is located in Madison’s Schenk-Atwood neighborhood at 2021 Winnebago Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53704.

Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11am-3pm during exhibitions or by appointment. Please check the exhibitions calendar before planning your visit, as the gallery is closed between exhibitions and other schedule changes are posted here.


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