Phillip Sudderberg

Phillip Sudderberg is a Chicago-based drummer, educator, and writer active across a variety of the city’s creative-leaning communities. Phillip explores the possibilities of overtone, density, and fluidity on the drum set in ways that draw upon his study of both idiomatic and non-idiomatic musical traditions. These curiosities are explored via the creative application of extended techniques; via cliché, associative, and generic nuances available in rhythm; and via new physical preparations for the drum set and mbira. Over the past several years, these concerns have found a home in contemporary music ensembles, improvised configurations, jazz ensembles, and in D.I.Y. rock bands. Along with ongoing work with artists the likes of Eli Namay, Ken Vandermark, Andrew Clinkman, Macie Stewart, Keefe Jackson, John McCowen, and more, Phillip actively seeks out new likely and unlikely collaborators for further growth as a listener and sound producer.

In 2012, Phillip cofounded Gilded Records and curates the ongoing Foundation Series in Chicago. Alongside a teaching schedule and the writing of poetry, Phillip continues to enjoy a busy performance schedule both inside and outside of Chicago.

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