Darwin Grosse works at the intersection of Creativity and Code. By applying an engineer’s tools to live performance and audio recordings, he builds complex visual textures, sonic landscapes and multimedia tapestries out of whole cloth. He is active in live media performance work (solo, as part of the (no)poem duet with synthesist Mark Mosher, and as part of “the quartet” with Gregory Taylor, Mark Hendrickson and Tom Hamer, and as visual artist with 3rd Law Dance/Theater), and has recorded under his own name and as part many collaborations.

Tom Hamer's name will be familiar to those familiar with local percussionists (Tom's provided the pulse to a variety of local outfits, including Dangerous Odds, The Romulans, and Station Wagon). Since then, he has extended his touch into a very different set of percussion sources, using electronics to make the very quietest sounds audible, and constructing intricate and improvised audio environments full of things that touch and bounce and slide and scuff.

Mark Henrickson - one of the finest improvising visualists working today - is the (temporarily) absent member of the quartet. He sends his love and regrets, and asks you to close your eyes and use your imagination for this one.

Gregory Taylor is best known in Madison as the host of RTQE, WORT's Sunday evening leadoff programming for their block of experimental music programming. He performs and records worldwide (c74, Clang recordings, Palace of Lights, Spectropol, Nachtstuck Records), but never plays his own music on RTQE (well, almost never). This will be your chance to hear him performing with some of the finest people in the business.

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