Since 2013, Nebraska-based artist Josh Johnson has been engaged in a body of work he calls "Distance Learning." This project connects a grouping of artificial rocks located along Antelope Creek in Lincoln, Nebraska to his recalled memories of the South Dakota Badlands landscape and the cast off materials he collects. Mislocation is a new incarnation of this project, responding to the architectural features of ALL's space.

The exhibition will be on view from February 11 to March 4, 2017, with an opening reception on Saturday, February 11, 7-9pm.

I explore the connections I make between two environments, one at hand and the other remembered. As I go about my daily routines, I have encounters that give me pause. Particular objects, their placement, the spaces they occupy, and my body's relationship to these signifiers create an intersection of a remembered place and my current context. I tap into this brief merger of my present location and a memory, identifying objects as personal landmarks and a catalyst for construction.

I respond to materiality and draw upon my history of making to relate ideas. A snow shovel sliding around in the back of my car and stacks of polystyrene from past projects, the butting-together of commonplace subjects and familiar studio materials produce casual tensions and unexpected effects. I apply the traditional sculptural process of carving and the trades of a skilled laborer to low, often scrounged materials and synthesize them with aspects borrowed from assemblage and Minimalism. The... Read More

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Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11am-3pm during exhibitions or by appointment. Please check the exhibitions calendar before planning your visit, as the gallery is closed between exhibitions and other schedule changes are posted here.


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