Pat Keen + Tippy + And Illusions

Album release show for Minneapolis-based artist Pat Keen (Wei Zhongle and formerly a touring member of Ryan Power’s band and Guerrilla Toss) and his new LP, Albatross. The concert also features Madison's Tippy (Spencer Bible) and And Illusions (Emili Earhart and Michael Groome). Tickets $7 at the door (doors open at 7:30pm).

Pat Keen

Albatross ​(n)
1. Any of a family (Diomedeidae) of large web-footed seabirds that have long slender wings, are excellent gliders, and include the largest seabirds
2. a. Something that causes persistent deep concern or anxiety
3. Something that greatly hinders accomplishment : encumbrance

Pat Keen's Albatross LP is an 11-track exercise in stretching the conventions of homemade-pop. Currently a member of Chicago-based, avant-rock outfit Wei Zhongle​ and formerly a touring member of Ryan Power​'s band and Guerilla Toss​, the 24-year old musician has spent the past few years touring the country and honing his craft while contributing to a thriving, nationwide experimental-rock scene. Now Minneapolis-based, Albatross shows Pat Keen moving from self-produced 4-track tape recording (as on 2015's Leaving EP) toward a more fleshed-out vision of a personal brand of bedroom-rock.

Recorded throughout 2016, Albatross is... Read More

Tippy Spencer Bible

This solo iteration of Tippy focuses on dark textures and circut bent percussion to create expansive atomospheric pop. With precise and emotive lyrics, and a wide variety of sample textures, Spencer Bible is able to create unique yet accessible offerings.

And Illusions

A Madison duo comprised of Emili Earhart and Michael Groome, And Illusions blends noise textures, psychedelic colors, and krautrock-influenced passages in a loosely arranged structure. Sometimes melodic, often rhythmic, usually unrestrained and spaced out, And Illusions sneaks around between miniature ideas situated within a broad backdrop, creating a quilted assemblage of mismatched patterns.

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