this would have meant something once

Connectict artist Paige Mostowy's installation this would have meant something once explores the parallels of memory and associations made through projection, audio and a series of collages created over the past two years. Intermingling the passage of time with the petulance of perspective, audio and video will be used as partial descriptors of instances. Found 8mm footage is manipulated to create a familiar, yet anonymous recollection for the viewer, while a telephone provides audio as a partial descriptor imbedded within a flawed perspective. Likewise, the collages offer a perspectival shift of the past sourced from vintage magazines and found photographs. Through the installation, disjointed aspects come together to explore the stagnated nature of memory and longing through three convergent mediums.

this would have meant something once opens Friday, May 5, 2017 with a reception from 5 to 9pm. The installation will be on view through May 27, 2017.

Paige Mostowy

Transplanted from the North and raised in the winding suburbs of the South where the illusions of closeness were as abundant as kudzu overtaking the side of the roads and abandoned farm houses. Mostowy juxtaposes traditional methods of mending while subsequently rendering objects useless. Exploring futile notions of memory and perspective rooted within familial despondencies using installation, video, audio and collage in her practice. She received her BFA from the University of Georgia in 2010 and her MFA in Sculpture from Indiana University in 2015. She has shown both nationally and internationally with solo shows in Chicago, Georgia, Indiana and has most recently shown work at the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art in Korea.

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