Craft Talk Series

Craft Talk: On Writing for Young Adults

Brittany Cavallaro will discuss strategies for brainstorming, planning, and writing your YA novel. We'll talk about how to create complex characters, how to craft both plot and emotional arcs, and how to pace your novel for a tense, interesting read. Great intro for anyone considering her workshop, The World at Stake.

This project is funded in part by a grant from the Madison Arts Commission, with additional funds from the Wisconsin Arts Board.

Craft Talk: Language Looking for Context

Prompts and formal demands (the stranger the better) can be just what a poet needs in order to jump start exciting new material. Matthew Guenette, who teaches composition and creative writing at Madison College, will discuss some his favorite prompts--prompts that inspire a sense of play, that generate surprise and have the potential to release a writer from the constraints of their own intentions. Weather permitting, there will be a short walk through the neighborhood, and poems will most definitely be written on the spot.

Craft Talk: Ever Dream of Writing a Picture Book?

Do you have a story that you share with your children or that was shared to you as a child that you wanted to write down, but didn't know where to start? We will review the basic elements of a creating a picture book story from the heart. Using Where the Wild Thing Are as a model, we'll learn how to develop a story develops that transcends time and captures our imagination.

This project is funded in part by a grant from the Madison Arts Commission, with additional funds from the Wisconsin Arts Board.

Craft Talk: Discover Playwriting

We're all in love with our narrators until we realize how freeing it is to get rid of them. Characters, action, dialog, behavior. No filters. No telling. Bob Curry will cover a few simple rules for writing drama and then we’ll roll up our sleeves and try it. Bring your situations, your scenes, your characters, your conflicts, or just yourself.

Craft Talk: Mindfulness for Writers

Author Kelly Harms leads this exploration of the way mindfulness meditation practices, in many different guises, can help you find more time for writing and transform what time you do have into the most soulful, efficient creative space it can be. Find the practice that suits you best, and watch it help you get out of your own way and bring forth your best work.


Craft Talk: Ask the Editor

The process of submitting your work to literary journals is daunting, and sometimes simply confusing, to every writer. What should a cover letter say? What writing grabs an editor and what makes us start to skim? How does one kind of rejection stack up against another? And most of all, just what in God’s name do editors DO with your work once you press “send?”


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