The Watershed Reading Series

Dangerous Women Reading

Come join us as five poets and writers wrestle with what it means to be a dangerous woman in our society, a woman with “legs, arms, stomach spilled over and up and out,” giving birth to a swarm of bees, a Lolita with a voice and purpose of her own making, a person who is both “the lady, yelling stop” and  “the ape, shot down.”

Five Poets from Bull City Press

The intersection of place, identity, and desire is reflected in the lush language we use and the stories we tell. Through readings and conversation, we will explore these lyric intersections from a variety of angles with five acclaimed poets from Bull City Press. Come here poets from across the states read about hopping trains in the Pacific Northwest, exorcisms in the Bible Belt, hearing a call to prayer in Tunisia, watching a lover kill a bug, and lamenting over old photographs with “lavender nostalgia.” 

Dangerous Women: Call for Submissions

Submission deadline: February 12, 2018

What makes a person a woman? And what makes a woman dangerous? And a danger to whom or what exactly? For our March reading we invite your poems, stories and non-fiction that explore the past, present and future of dangerous women. These might be historical or contemporary public figures, yourself or someone you know, or a creation entirely your own. We particularly encourage and welcome voices situated from or exploring the boundaries of “womanhood” in our culture.  

Shhh...The Propaganda Reading

In conjunction with our February art exhibit, Shhh…, which surveys a landscape of propaganda, information and disinformation darkened by political uncertainty. It’s a story of amorphous narratives, irrational conclusions and omnipresent media – an epic of a nation coming apart under the pressure of its own freedoms and liberties. The exhibit will feature new works picturing democracy’s struggles with its personification set against a backdrop of World War II propaganda posters. Four poets examine the roles of government-sanctioned information in contemporary American lives. 

Watershed: Bullets into Bells Reading

Every year tens of thousands of Americans—including more than 400 people in Wisconsin alone—are killed by guns. Those losses warp and sometimes shatter even more lives. A new anthology from Beacon Press, Bullets into Bells: Poets & Citizens Respond to Gun Violence, gives voice to the lived reality behind the devastating statistics. This reading marks the release of an important new anthology of poets and citizens responding to gun violence in America.

New Poetry from the Midwest 2017

The Midwest is home to some of the finest poets in America, and New Poetry from the Midwest gives readers a chance to sample that work each year. This reading will launch the 2017 edition of the anthology and feature several of the poets included in the anthology. Whether you want to discover new poets or hear new work by some of your favorites, there's something here for everyone. David Bowen of New American Press will introduce readers and lead a Q&A after the reading.

Slow Lit Reading

We all know community-supported agriculture has played a vital role in supporting local farmers and providing healthier food in Madison. Now you can support local poets and feed your soul through Slow Lit shares at ALL! Three of our participating poets will read at our Slow Lit share-pickup event. 


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