The Watershed Reading Series

Watershed Reading: Toast

Five poets responded to the exhibition Toast by Alaura Seidl. Toast is an installation and video-based work reconciling the tension between private confrontations and public spectacles, contemplating both what people do spontaneously and what people perform consciously. The exhibition, screened in its final form, was born of a lifetime of intimate encounters and one night of filming with community members. Alaura negotiated with memories while investigating accountability for social dilemmas, celebrating queer identity and cleansing the palate.


Watershed Reading: Our Relationship with Power

Join us for our next poetry reading featuring Madison's new poet laureate, Oscar Mireles, along with Matthew Guenette and Cherene Sherrard, accompanied by our the exhibition Our Relationship with Power by Jenie Gao. Gao explores and questions how power works, challenges the notion of power as a great force, and reveales how it builds in small ways. Her work shows how our understanding of power will determine whether our relationship with it will turn for the better or worse.

Watershed Reading: Select a World

The Select a World reading featured Sean Bishop, Alexandria Delacourt, Sasha Debevec-McKenney, and Steel Wagstaff in conversation with "Select a World," a solo exhibition by collaborative duo Simone and Max. Simone and Max’s works investigate the potential of the public screen as a mobilizing force to build empathy, action, and long-term responsibility.


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