Telling a Story with Woodblock Printing

Let’s create an image that tells a story. In this two part series organized by One x One Thousand, artist Jenie Gao will teach us the basics of storytelling through woodblock carving and printing. You don’t have to be a graphic artist to take this workshop, we’ll provide images that you can combine to create your story so you can focus on learning the process or you can draw your own design. We start from creating the concept, then learn the process of transferring the image, carving the block, printing the image and finishing. At the end you’ll take home your own handcarved wood block and a set of prints. Your woodblock will be beautiful enough on its own to hang as artwork or use it to replicate your design for gifts.

Cost is $125 for the two sessions (November 7 and 14) and you have to sign up in advance. Space is limited.

Register at One x One Thousand

Jenie Gao

Jenie Gao is an artist specializing in woodcuts, ink drawings, and allegorical storytelling. Her work across industries has made her a firm believer in different disciplines working together to inform and help one another. Art is nothing without dialogue and inseparable from culture and the values that define it.

Jenie received her BFA in Printmaking/Drawing from Washington University in St. Louis. Following her studies, Jenie worked in education and nonprofit before going into commercial printing and the pursuit of a career in lean manufacturing: the reduction of waste in business operations.

In the past year, Jenie left her job at her former company to pursue her artwork. She spent the beginning of 2015 traveling to pursue two art residencies in Argentina and Chile, and has now returned to Madison with new work and new stories that challenge the way we see ourselves and the world around us, and therefore invite us to make a difference. She continues to consult in... Read More

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