Goran Ivanovic Trio

The Goran Ivanovic Trio, featuring guitarist and composer Goran Ivanovic, bassist Mike Harmon and drummer Pete Tashijan, will perform at ALL on Friday, January 27, 2016, starting at 8pm. Tickets are $15 - reserve tickets online now until 1 hour before the performance. Remaining tickets will be available at the door.

Ivanovic’s unique and rarely found talents set you forth on a cinematic array of emotions. Sophisticated yet rebellious, the acoustic ensemble nods its head towards tradition while disregarding technical conventions. The trio experiment's in the melding of classical, rock, jazz and various styles of traditional folk music to create a sound all their own. 

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES - Currently, Ivanovic is celebrating the debut release by his Goran Ivanovic Trio with bassist Matt Ulery and drummer Pete Tashjian. The trio are recognized for their individual virtuosity, but they show particular excellence as a unit able to stop on a dime and twist gracefully through the trickiest hairpin turns together on local stages including those at City Winery and the Whistler. The trio’s upcoming show is a return visit to Jazz Showcase.

The trio’s new album features concert highlights like the spirited roots-music influence of “Alvorada Americana,” in which Ivanovic tumbles through lilting arpeggios and chiming harmonics on his nylon-string guitar before the rhythm joins him in crashing acoustic rock. The moody and haunting “Patient Zero” creates a disquieted but compelling mood. “Querido Paco” pays homage to flamenco giant Paco De Lucia.

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