Jayson Randall

Jayson's experience as an artist began during frequent trips into the secluded beauty of the Boundary Waters-Quetico wilderness area. Jayson is intrigued by the colors he sees in nature that can only be reproduced by experimenting with different techniques and mediums.

Jayson Randall is a 4th generation industrial artisan. As the world moves forward at an ever-increasing pace, Jayson is compelled to preserve industrial objects from another time and give them a new life. Jayson Randall sees beauty in the rough, scarred exterior of forgotten machines. He is inspired to showcase them by creating modern, electronic, interactive, audio-visual devices.

Born in New York, Jayson Randall grew up in northern Ontario before moving to Minnesota. He currently resides in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, where he continues to produce innovative and deeply personal works of art.

Artist Statement: 

I am an artist that is intrigued by the combination of mysterious forms with common human interactions. I enjoy exploring the relationship between old and new, past and present, useful and forgotten.

Discarded machines call out as they are encountered. A story is told of when their hard work was integral to the function of humanity; their service is no longer required.

The industrial aesthetic of the rescued unit is maintained as it is transformed into a modern, useable device. Original control knobs and switches are reused to operate the new functions of the sculpture. The new internal support structure is constructed from sheet metal, which allows for experimental controlled release illumination.

Materials used: Original rescued machine, sheet metal, rivets, electronic control board, wood, wire, interactive LED lighting and controls, paint, solder, speakers, potentiometer.

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