Simone and Max

Simone and Max are a collaborative duo whose work investigates the potential of the public screen as a mobilizing force to build empathy, action, and long-term responsibility. From audiovisual installations to objects and software, their practice leverages a hybridity of forms reflective of the degree to which contemporary life is mediated by screens.

They have presented original work in museums, festivals, and galleries throughout the United States and abroad, including the Pérez Art Museum Miami, İstanbul Modern, CICA Museum (South Korea), ARTCOP21 (Berlin), The Luminary (St. Louis), Espacio Gallery (London) and have been featured in Vice’s The Creators Project, Amsterdam University Press, and The Huffington Post.

Artist Statement: 

Our combined backgrounds in visual art, music, teaching, and social science inform the hybrid nature of our creative practice. Recently, we have become inspired by new research that frames empathy not as an inherent trait, but rather as a skill that can be consciously cultivated. As such, our current work is rooted in developing rehearsals for this process. Each piece begins as a research project that explores shared interests in nonhuman ethics, civic participation, intersections of privilege, cultural relationships with the environment, and other social territories. We then deploy various devices—absurdity, nostalgia, pop culture, ambient sound, sublime imagery—to disarm viewers and allow them approach the more serious subject matter embedded within. More than overt political statements, we are interested in organizing sensory information to encourage audiences to see and feel in new ways.

Ready to Visit?

Arts + Literature Laboratory is located in Madison’s Schenk-Atwood neighborhood at 2021 Winnebago Street, Madison, Wisconsin 53704.

Gallery hours are Tuesday-Saturday 11am-3pm during exhibitions or by appointment. Please check the exhibitions calendar before planning your visit, as the gallery is closed between exhibitions and other schedule changes are posted here.


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