Forced Into Femininity + Lorene Boboushian + More

Forced Into Femininity

Isn’t it just like a woman to be mischievous, impetuous and impulsive, to want the freedom to what she likes? And isn’t it like a woman to be mysterious, impenetrable, to have depths in which we plunge in vain in search of some lost part of ourselves? Jill Flanagan thinks so, and she’s here to spread her twisted hysterical ideology with a little soft shoe routine and some jazz standards.

Lorene Boboushian

Lorene Boboushian has tramped around as a scholarship and food stamp funded artist with the privilege to drain herself of funds and energy in Athens, Beirut, Zagreb, Berlin, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Her work includes formal solos based on skewering white femininity, New York energy, and researching family history in Lebanon; intimate duets juxtaposing the monstrous and sublime through pre-verbal voice work; and collaborative site specific works on cow farms and construction sites.

Listening Woman

Off-the-wall cartoon jazz punk noise splatter from Boston.

Tar Pet

Taralie Peterson of Spires That In the Sunset Rise's dreamstate solo project, accompanied by Emili Earhart.

Christine Olson

Christine Olson is a time-based artist residing in Madison, WI since 1997. Recently Christine has toured and performed with Non Grata as a participant in the Diverse Universe Nomadic Performance Art tour in Finland and Estonia. She has also performed at Animamous Art Salon on the lower east side of Manhattan. Her interests are Butoh, Dada, Deco, and the surreal.

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