Kroninger ~ Collage

Arts + Literature Laboratory presents Kroninger ~ Collage, an exhibition by artist, illustrator, and writer Stephen Kroninger, from April 8 to April 29, 2017. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, April 8, 7-9pm (FREE). This exhibition, curated by Patrick JB Flynn, features the early collage art of Stephen Kroninger created in New York between the years 1980–88. The collages presented here are mostly made from paper, magazines—cut, torn, taped, stressed, and manipulated—formed from printed ephemera—snipped and stripped from come-hither advertisements—reflect a world of dense urban exuberance.

Stephen Kroninger

Stephen Kroninger grew up the son and employee of a trash collector in Orefield, PA. In 1978 he moved to New York City to begin his professional life as an illustrator. At the time, the city was in the midst of financial crisis and housing in the East Village was still affordable for a young artist, providing the perfect incubator for emerging artists. The lower East side was exploding with a dazzling mixture of venues for new and experimental art forms. Galleries opened faster than they closed. Exhibitions and performances were held in abandoned storefronts punctuated by an array of new-wave, punk, hip-hop, and free-jazz clubs, where, by no coincidence, Kroninger first exhibited his collage art. Music had long served to inform his art, created in response to the visceral rhythms and broad brash sounds of the city. Composers such as Grandmaster Flash informed Kroninger’s conceptualization and visualization. He frequented clubs experiencing the spontaneous mixes of artists such as... Read More

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