Sarah Louise + Nathaniel Braddock

Sarah Louise

Sarah Louise is a 12-string guitarist based in the mountains of North Carolina. The impulse for new compositions comes frequently from observing the sounds and movements of the woods around her home. Lush and ethereal at times, yet embracing dissonance as well as tonal and time-signature shifts, her music encompasses a full spectrum of emotions. All-original tunings, picking patterns and bold transitions mark her as a unique player. Scissor Tail Editions released her first album, “Field Guide,” in early 2015, which quickly became an underground favorite. NPR named her newest album, VDSQ Volume 12, as one of the top ten solo guitar albums of 2016. She has received additional praise from media outlets such as Aquarium Drunkard, AdHoc and Dusted Magazine as well as artists like Ben Chasny, who calls Volume 12 an album “that makes me love the sound and possibilities of the acoustic guitar.” 

Nathaniel Braddock

Nathaniel Braddock is the leader of the internationally touring Occidental Brothers Dance Band Int'l and Trio Mokili, and was a ten-year faculty member of Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music. Braddock has performed extensively with African artists from Mali, Ghana, Zambia, and Congo, and with many American and Australian indie rock bands. His instrumental solo guitar and mandolin sets feature the crossroads of African roots music and American primitive guitar, with original compositions that extend into modern harmonies and rhythms with the complexity of chamber       music. His record of original instrumental solo guitar music, "Quadrille & Collapse", is released in April of 2017 on Invertebrata Records. In 2016 Braddock relocated from Sydney, Australia to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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