The Play Called Life Is My Disease

A new play by Kurt McGinnis Brown

Wanting to redo the ending to his miserable marriage, Ben writes an auto-theatricality in which he plays himself and hires an actor to play his wife. To be true to his anguish, he must also hire an actor to play his wife’s lover. In rehearsals Ben finds he has trouble making “Ben” believable, while the other characters are even more rebellious than the people they’re based on. When telling one’s own story, dramatizing heartbreak proves difficult—and opening night may foil Ben’s attempt to revenge himself on the hard reality of what is past.

Actors: Paul Lorentz, Autumn Shiley, and Bryan Royston

Date: Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 7pm

Please plan to sink $2–5 into the pot to compensate the actors for their work.  The playwright will contribute refreshments to compensate the audience.


Paul Lorentz has been acting in the Madison area since 1999, including work with Madison Theater Guild, Music Theatre of Madison, Mercury Players, Strollers Theater, Broom Street Theatre and StageQ. Most recently he appeared in the Voices Theater Project staged readings of The Exonerated.

Autumn Shiley

Bryan Royston has worked on feature and short films, as well as stage and theatrical projects with Broom Street Theater, Fermat’s Last Theater Co., Kathie Rasmussen Women’s Theatre, Know Better Productions, Madison Opera, Madison Shakespeare Company, Madison Theatre Guild, Strollers Theatre Ltd., and more…. Basically, anyone who will take him. Bryan thanks Kurt for this wonderful opportunity and is thrilled to be working alongside Autumn and Paul. Enjoy!

Kurt McGinnis Brown’s plays have been performed throughout the country, including Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. In his other job, Kurt’s work on poverty and land issues has taken him to Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Peru, and Russia.

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