Zine Reading and Release Party: What Kind of Poem Would You Make of That?

Poets Jeanne Wright, Megan Milks, Alaura Seidl, and Lisa Hollenbach will share work produced during a six week documentary poetics workshop with Lauren Russell. (Expect readings from some of the poets, zines, and food!)

"The documentary mode invites socially conscious approaches to poem making. But when I conceived of the ArtWrite workshop that took place this winter, I wanted to go a little further—extend our work beyond the documentary and think in terms of poems that use documents in all kinds of ways, not just poems that document. In the workshop, participants were encouraged to bring in an archive of documents and approach them through a variety of poetic strategies—erasures, cross-outs, substitutions, juxtapositions—as well as with attention to concerns like point of view and balancing imagery and narrative facts." -Lauren Russell, poet and workshop facilitator


The ArtWrite Collective uses art as a tool for social justice through creative youth development, activist artist partnerships, and arts landscape diversification. They seek to be an affirming leader in arts-based changemaking whose collaboration with artists, youth, and peer organizations creates pathways for a more equitable, healthy, and just community. Their educational, consultative, design, or public art projects fit within one or more of our three strategic areas: Creative Youth Development, Activist Artist Partnerships, and Arts Landscape Diversification. 


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